Just Another Splendid Saturday!

Good Saturday, bloggers, blog readers and whoever else decided to drop by this lovely sunny Saturday afternoon in the latter half of October, 2011!

I am having a good day today. It began with a horrible nightmare about a hot air balloon, my classmates, a long and bleeding cut on my lower right leg, a lots camera, and a freaking out teacher talking about equipment control (not that kind of equipment, I meant camera equipment etc).

Then, I was one of two lucky receivers of a text message from my boss (I still call her my boss, even though I don't technically work there anymore) at Kiwi, saying I'm still in her system so I needed to take a course on safe food online - and then text her back with how long time it took and she would pay me for it. And so I did, and also thanked her for noting that I want to work during Christmas, and she texted me back if I by any chance am still at home and able to work tonight, because she was having troubles findin anyone to work the night shift. I said yes and yes, and so I am going to work this evening, from 3pm until 11.30-ish.I'm excited! :D

So now, I am dressed and ready for work, and polishing my nails a lovely colour of autumn brown, and then I will put red glitter hearts on them. Cute!

Also, I am watching youtube videos, as I have some catching up to do... Yesterday I finished watching every single one of the Ray William Johnson videos that I haven't watched the past two and a half months... I just love =3!!!!!! Now I'm watching Charlie McDonnell's show, Charlieissocoollike, and I just had to share this video with y'all:

I think I shared its twin earlier, but in case you haven't seen it, here it is:

How are you spending your Saturday?

The Norwegian Teenager

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Julie i England

22.10.2011 kl.22:46

I have colored my hair and went to the cinema with some friends :)

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