The Shortest Interview Ever.

So there's been a lot of picture blogging lately... Not really what I intended this blog to be, but since a lot of what I do nowadays has to do with photography, it just turned out that way. Anywhoo, I've decided to write something now, when I have time to sit down and actually write something. Do a little interview with myself, or something like that...

So... What have I been up to lately?
Easy. School, and then watched Criminal Minds. I'm on the 2nd season now, I began from the beginning... Bleh, Google won't let me find a single good picture of the original cast. Hold on, le'mme try again... No, I can only find pictures from the 2nd season after one of the agents resigned and another one joined. I haven't even reached that part yet - the last episode I wrote ended with the resignment.

Favorite character: Spencer Reid - played by Matthew Gray Gubler. ♥

My designs...
I make them myself. I don't always use my own pictures, I copy from the Internet, but I never claim I took a picture that I didn't. They're very simple because I don't know much about graphic design... I wish I had more time to learn.Hello, you have internet, just youtube how to do it! Remember, my Internet connection SUCKS most of the time up here. Also, I make too many headers. I just made another one. I can't make up my mind as to what I want my page to look like. Maybe I'll change it again now...

Ok, that's the end of the short little interview. I'm going back to something else now.

♥The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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