I find all the nerd I need in Sheldon Cooper and Spencer Reid ♥

(♥ is supposed to be a heart....)

Holey moley, we have internet in our room for once! And it's not a bad connection, either! How is this even possible... Oh, one more thing: I decided to google Spencer Reid - one of my two favorite male characters from Criminal Minds (the other being Derek Morgan, female fav is Penelope Garcia), and look what I just found:

Rodger that: I love it when the universe gives me little gifts! :D

♥ The Norwegian Teenager



05.11.2011 kl.16:25

Sv: Tusen takk! :)

Ehhm, n er jeg ikke s flink til forklare hvordan jeg redigerer bildene mine, s jeg vet ikke helt om jeg skal prve. Du kan sjekke ut denne linken her da: http://www.supermarie.net/?p=9939

Jeg fikk ikke det helt til slik som hun gjorde det, s jeg bare fant en annen mte, men du kan prve dette frst :) Min metode fungerer nemlig ikke alltid like bra :s

a teenager with thoughts

05.11.2011 kl.17:40

Elise: Tusen takk for hjelpen! ^^,


06.11.2011 kl.21:50

wehu, nice

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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