Hurt me, I don't care...Hurt my friend and let's go for a walk...During that walk, I promise you you won't like what'll happen!

♪ Can we pretend that air planes in the night sky are like shooting stars? I could really use a wish right now... /♪ No. What I need is an airplane ticket!! Or something...

Today, I got a facebook inbox from the boyfriend of a friend of mine, asking if I was able to see my friend's profile - his computer was broken, so he couldn't check for himself. I couldn't see the profile. I texted my friend asking what's going on, and got a message back simply asking what the boyfriend had said. I've sent a few e-mails with my friend by now... Turns out my friend had posted a picture which the boyfriend claimed would ruin my friend's reputation. So basically, the boyfriend is saying that my friend isn't good enough when being the person my friend is. They're in the middle of a situation, and my friend is really upset.

And this friend is approximately 3200 km away from where I currently am... What a fucked up situation. I know I can't do much from this far away. I don't know that I could do more if I was there either, but at least I could give my friend a hug...

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07.11.2011 kl.22:23

Huff.. love hurts :/


07.11.2011 kl.22:26

Fine bilder med nydelige tekster :(

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