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Today, we had a lecture about Feng Shui in school. Honestly, I wasn't paying much attention to it the first hour or so... The Russian had taken my laptop and was talking bs to all of the people online on my facebook chat. I was trying to keep him from embarrassing me completely.

However, after the end of class, we could choose to halve our palms read by the Feng Shui woman. Many of us did, including me. She only said a few things, as a reading usually can go on for a couple of hours, but she told me that:

◊I am a very determined girl. When I put my mind to something, when I set myself a goal, there is nothing that can stop me from reaching it. The people near me should move unless they want their toes stepped on. If I decide that I want to go to the moon, I will go to the moon (I wonder, then, about Jupiter.... A friend and I were talking about Jupiter earlier).

◊When I am around 40-45 years old... She wondered if I could see myself having two bases - one domestic, here in Norway, and one in another country (yes, I could totally picture that).

◊I am very private as a person. On some areas I can be very open, but to get to the inner of the inner me, one must have the special key, and only a very few people posess it.

And she got all of this from barely glancing at my right palm...

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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suleiman hassan

16.11.2011 kl.13:57

this is very creative thinking.i think u should not have many people having the key to the inner yiu because this would dillute you and make you loose the value of being unique in a good way.regards

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