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Good evening! It's now twenty minutes past six in the afternoon, and I have been a good student for hours now! As usual, on Wednesdays, we have a "house meeting" at one o'clock, and then nothing for the rest of the day. In fact, nothing happens until supper at seven.

This week we've been working with photoshop - with one teacher on Monday and another on Tuesday. I understand so much more now! We set it up the way that's the most convenient for us photographers, and practiced a lot of different things. I'll tell you this: The most important thing is layers, layers, layers! Create a new one for every single thing you do, and you may spare yourself from a lot of double work! Unfortunately, we were working with pictures of people, and since all of them are recognizable and most of them are of me, I can't and won't post them on here.

What I can show you, though, is what I've been working on today! On Monday, our teacher entered the classroom and said he'd gotten a call from a father of one of the other students in school that had been here for the friends- and family visiting weekend, and he had been very impressed with our work! He wanted us to create pictures for his company's yearly calendar - since their usual photographer had quit. He offered us calendars in return - but of course we don't need those since we have our own calendars. We want money, hard cash, for doing this! Besides, it's a great chance for us to make some money without doing much.

So, the deal is that we send pictures that are 20x25cm, standing, and have strong colors. That's what I've been working on the past few hours since we're gonna send it tomorrow. Some of these photos you've seen before, some are new, and all are edited - what with me gaining a lot of new photoshop knowledge this week! Enjoy (=

By the way: The colors might appear different to you than to me - my screen has been calibrated to fit the printer, which means that, unless your screen is calibrated too, your screen is very blue compared to mine. It's not something you really notice, and definitely not until you calibrate it, but yeah... If I were to edit a picture perfectly on an uncalibrated screen and then print it, the photo would appear very blue on paper. So that's why.

Hah, I have more pictures than there are months in the year! But oh well... We're all gonna send some pics, and the company will decide what pictures they want to useif they want to use our photos...

All photography by me.

♥ The Norwegian Teenager



23.11.2011 kl.19:37

s utrolig fine :)

Vanja - Min lille verden

23.11.2011 kl.19:50

Sv : Ahh :) Jeg skal se litt rundt p nett og i butikker, s fr jeg se an litt pris og diverse :) Fikk nettopp vite at hvis jeg skulle kjpe meg et kamera p s har de en snn sikkerhet at jeg fr varen frst, s skal jeg skrive under p om varen er i stand osv (tror jeg det var) og hvis det er slik at jeg fr varen frst, s fr jeg jo sjekket den ut fr de p overfrer pengene videre til eieren av kameraet :) Men jeg er litt skeptisk kjpe snne ting p nett, spess nr det er brukt. Men som sagt s fr jeg bare se litt videre og sjekke rundt :)

Kan ogs sjekke Canon som du nevnte :)Hvis jeg kjper meg skal jeg klart blogge om det :)

Tusen takk for mye hjelp og tips :)

Evy Karoline

25.11.2011 kl.20:38

Fine bildene var:)

a teenager with thoughts

27.11.2011 kl.16:15

Evy Karoline: Takk skal du ha (=

a teenager with thoughts

27.11.2011 kl.16:16

Tonje: Tusen takk! (=

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