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Hello! Someone once said that, "The difference between a good and a bad photographer is that a good photographer only shows their good pictures." Well, today I'mma show you something different....

Here's the original:

And here's the finished picture. I hope you see the difference, other than that it's flipped! ;)

Furthermore: On Friday, I saw Twilight: Breaking Dawn pt 1 in the theater! Well... It wasn't really a theater. It was at a community center, they call it "village cinema" - it's a car that drives around to villages and puts up movies for a day or two every so often. It was quite special.

Over to the movie, though: In my opinion they've just kept getting better and better, and this was no exception. I'd predicted pretty much exactly where it would end though, based on how the book is written. But I won't spoil anything, just watch it for yourself! What sucks now is that I have to wait so long for the final part.... It won't be as much torture as waiting for the final Harry Potter movie was, since Harry Potter was my entire childhood, but I still can't wait for Breaking Dawn pt 2!

I went through my external harddrive and found some Twilight pictures I'd saved for like three years ago... Some of them are quite funny, so:

Hahaha.... Though my Twilight Fan Girl period in life is over, I have to admit... I love the characters ^^,

I actually have Twilight diaries.... It's four books that came in a metal box, with the same cover as the novels. They're not that thick, and I began writing in the first one last summer when I finished with the daily diaries I've been writing for years. I'm almost done with that one now. And what I like about them are the quotes that are in them - in this one there are quotes from Twilight, and the books that inspired it. The next one will contain quotes from New Moon and books that inspired it, and so on. Last night I came to this one quote that I really liked, it's from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin:

"In vain have I struggled. It will not do. My feelings will not be repressed.You must allow me to tell you how ardently I admire and love you." Darcy to Elizabeth

♪ This is the day we give our own lives away
And we won't do what they say anymore
We won't walk but we'll run
Until our freedom we've won
And we will know what this fight was for♥

♥ The Norwegian Teenager


Tirileh, Tears and Kisses

29.11.2011 kl.10:04

Hei, det var kult gjort med bildet :)

Hvilket program bruker du for f det til?

a teenager with thoughts

29.11.2011 kl.13:22

Tirileh, Tears and Kisses: Takk skal du ha!

Frst har jeg redigert det i Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3, og deretter i Adobe Photoshop CS5. Dette er ikke det printklare bildet, though; dt er redigert enda mer... Dette er OK for skjerm, men da jeg skulle printe i 40x60 mtte jeg redigere enda litt mer, da brukte jeg Photoshop CS3 - bare fordi det er dt som ligger inne p stasjonrpc-en som er koblet til plotteren. ;)

Julie i England

30.11.2011 kl.00:21

Sett den jeg ogs, men ble litt skuffet. Eller jeg vet egentlig ikke om jeg liker filmene eller ikke, men allikevel gleder jeg meg til neste film!! :)

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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