And I did what any girl would do. I did it all over again.

Happy December!

Yesterday, December 1st, was the Internatioal HIV/AIDS day. Just in case you didn't know: YOU CAN'T GET AIDS FROM SPENDING TIME WITH AN HIV POSITIVE PERSON, HUGGING ONE, OR KISSING ONE!!! The ways people usually get infected by the virus is having sex without wearing a condom, and sharing needles with an infected person.

And that's why I'm really pissed off when reading this article right here about a boy being denied admission to a school because he has the virus!

We had a seminar on this last week, actually, where a woman who has been living with HIV for 13 years came and talked to us. If you're interested, you can read more about it here (wikipedia page in English).

My current Facebook status about the topic goes like this:

Uhm... Please excuse my language, but WHAT THE FUCK is this I read about an HIV positive boy being DENIED admission to the Milton Hershey School (for disadvantaged prekindergarten through high school students) in Pennsylvania?! People, you don't get the virus by spending time with someone who has it, already! Fuck ignorance... You'd think today's generations would know more about this topic, as it has in fact been around for quite some time!!

Has your knowledge about HIV/AIDS been updated somehow, anyhow, lately?
Do you feel like you know what you need to know about HIV and AIDS?

Today we had Christmas workshops in school, where we were divided in groups where we made candy, cookies, cards, candles, or watched movies. I began with candy the first half of the lesson before lunch, but ended up watching the latter half of The Polar Express. And after lunch I watched Back to the Future(the first one), not a Christmas movie, which was all fine with me since I usually don't feel the spirit until the evening of the 23rd of December.

Either way... I updated my design today, as you have probably already seen. Just because I can't feel the spirit of Christmas 'till it's practically over, doesn't mean I need to deprive my readers of it! Hope you like my new design... It's not very advanced, and all the pictures are from Google, but whatever... I needed a change, and since I can't just add ten thousand million pics of myself, this is what I ended up doing.

And I had SO much trouble with the html and css this time! D: Had to have my 10th cup of coffee today to cool off..

I hope you like it!

Do you like/have you had/will you have Christmas workshops?
What do you think of/about Christmas and the time before, and why?

Lady Gaga has released her new music video, Marry the Night, from the Born This Way album. Naturally, being a Gaga fan, I just had to share it on here! And no kidding, this woman is the new MJ when it comes to videos - this one is freaking 14 minutes long!

You can read more about this on MTV's website right here!

Are you a Gaga fan?
What do you think of her videos?
Have you seen her live before? Where? When?

The Norwegian Teenager

PS: Sorry for no pictures in this entry... I haven't got anything to share at the moment...

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