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'Morning, beloved readers! How are you this chilly winder Wednesday in December of 2011?

Me... I'm doing great! I had an exhausting day yesterday because we went up on a mountain for a photo shoot in the snow - and I forgot my inhaler! It was torture... But it was fun to run down afterwards!

Right now I'm hiding out in the photo class room... It's cold, I'm tired... And I have to use the rest room. But I'm afraid to leave becaues I don't wanna be seen and sent to where we're supposed to be. We have this subject today where the entire school's together... I was present at the beginning, but when she gave us a 10 minutes break and told us to meet in the gym after it, I just got a cup of coffee and emerged to the class room! I don't wanna join. If they wanna give me an absence for that, so be it. I only have two of those from before, and then I was sick, so it doesn't really matter! Or... Idk if they actually registrated it! My teacher doesn't really take absence.

So now... What am I doing? I wanna share these photos with you that have been going around on Facebook lately:

I think that's pretty creative!!

Doing anything special today? Ever ditched a lesson just because you thought it was boring - even in a school that you chose to be in and pay to attend?

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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