All I Want for Christmas...

is this:

Hahaha!! I can imagine myself entering the classroom with this coffee mug, and how my teacher would look at me! Ah, I'd just LOVE to have this one...

Yeah, I'm still in hiding. Lunch is in 5 minutes. To get out of the classroom I either have to walk through the great hall or the gym - and I'm not really sure where people are right now... I think they're in the great hall though. The safest would be to walk out the back door - but then I'd have to leave that open and people can enter, plus it's cold.... So I'm just waiting till they finish and I can go get myself another awesomely delicious cup of hot, black, coffee!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager


Julie i England

07.12.2011 kl.18:18

OMG, so cooool! I want one like that as well :D


09.12.2011 kl.15:41

Hvor er den koppen fra??!?! DEN VAR DDSKUL

a teenager with thoughts

11.12.2011 kl.15:21

kristin: Jeg vet ikke, jeg fant bildet p nett et sted... DO WANT! Lreren min pstr han har en slik hjemme! M finne ut av hvor man kan f tak i en slik en...

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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