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Cooooool.... I just found a way to have new quotes on my blog every day - without even being online! Look to your left.... I mean right.... And a bit down.... No, not there, below the variety of follow me-buttons.... THERE! See it? A box from thinkexist.com that updates quotes every day! Cool, huh? :D

So now, if I don't update all that often, you can at least view my blog to get a daily quote!

To add something more to this entry, I have a quote to share with you as well, from an episode of Castle I watched last night: 

Yeah... My handwriting! In double, because in the first pictures you couldn't read what was written, so I went over it with the pen once again.

The story behind the quote: Alexis' boyfriend moved across the country to go to college, and even though they were determined to make it, their relationship was falling to pieces because he got too busy. Castle is trying to comfort her the way dads do. He asked if it helped, she said no, then put her head on his chest and said, "but this always does." A beautiful father-daughter moment! 

Q: Doing anything in particular today?
Personally, I've seen a dentist...

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suleiman ndungu

19.12.2011 kl.23:04

foundation matters in anything that we do n if its not strong enough no matter how high we go,we will always collapse hard.today i have storking your blog!that is intresting to me and the day ends well.

Julie i England

20.12.2011 kl.01:36

Har baket og pyntet litt til jul idag :)

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