Hakuna Matata!

Good morning (or, technically, it's afternoon now...) Bloggers and Readers! Today I was awake at 10, ate breakfast, drank coffee, skyped for one hour with my sister from Poland, and now I'm just chatting with friends until I go to work at 3. Yeah, you heard me, I'm working my way through Christmas! Gotta make some money before my big trip to Kenya in January-March!

So, while we're on the topic Kenya... I wanted to share a song with you! I have two versions of it, I believe... This first one was preformed by the Kenyan students at my school for the Friends and Family Weekend in November, and emailed to me by my teacher just now so that we can learn it by the time we go there:

I tried to use google translate on the lyrics... But that didn't go to well. So just listen to this song and use the lyrics & translation I found in the information box below the video:

Jambo, Jambo Bwana, Hello, Hello Sir,
Habari gani, How are you,
Mzuri sana. Very fine.

Wageni, mwakaribishwa, Foreigners, you're welcome,
Kenya yetu Hakuna Matata. In our Kenya there is no problem.

Kenya nchi nzuri, Kenya is a beautiful country,
Hakuna Matata. There is no problem.

Nchi ya maajabu A wonderful country
Hakuna Matata. There is no problem.

Nchi yenye amani, A peaceful country,
Hakuna Matata. There is no problem.

Hakuna Matata, There is no problem,
Hakuna Matata. There is no problem.

Watu wote, Everybody,
Hakuna Matata, There is no problem,
Wakaribishwa, Are welcome,
Hakuna Matata. There is no problem.

Hakuna Matata, There is no problem,
Hakuna Matata There is no problem.

(It's copy-pasted, so if there are mistakes I apologize but I don't speak Swahili so I really don't know what to do about it.)


♥ The Norwegian Teenager


suleiman ndungu

22.12.2011 kl.15:19

what a translation,it just came out the way its supposed to be,bra!u have been teachin me norsk n i wount mind teachin u this song.the children at NURU in kenya love u n they gonna love u more if u sing this song.

a teenager with thoughts

23.12.2011 kl.01:09

suleiman ndungu: How do you know they already do? They haven't met us... Maybe they'll be scared off. I know parts of the song already, it's been stuck in my head for quite some time today :P

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