I Know my Future Tattoo!

So I've been debating what I want for a tattoo for years now - my mom said I could get one when I turned 18, but I'd have to pay for it myself. Well, I'm more than 19 and three months now, and I still haven't got any tattoos. Earlier I was reading this old blog entry of mine, look at random fact number 12:  I want to get a tattoo of the traditional chinese symbol for "fearless" on my left wrist, about 1x2 cm. Well, I have changed my opinion of that. It's the same idea, only different. I want this:

Not yet sure about the font I want, but I want that word right there on that wrist! Pictures are from google, by the way.

Why Fearless? When I was in America, the slogan for mt school that year was "Fearless Pride". I, being an exchange student, someone coming from another country with another language and a completely different culture, along with the other 11 students that year, was one of the "Fearless Students"! 

Why English? When I was at the Senior All Night Party after graduation, I got a henna tattoo of the Chinese symbol for Fearless - traditional Chinese, not the simplified Chinese. Traditional Chinese is now only used in Hong Kong and on Taiwan, but the rest of China understands it as well. Well, I figured it would be kind of lame to walk around with a tattoo on my wrist that no one understands. And I don't have a personal relation to Chinese, other than that I like to food and know maybe four people from the country personally. I relate, however, much more to the English language, and people will know what the tattoo says when they see it -  as long as they understand English, that is.

Then, today, when I was googling something, I found this picture:

and I got another idea: Below the word Fearless, or maybe around it like this one above, I might like to add this:

The wing, that is. I have the necklace myself, a gift from a person  that at one time meant a lot to me. This person was the first and only I've ever met who had the necklace, and to this person it symbolized freedom. I got to keep this necklace for a while, while this person was in a period of their life when they didn't feel very free, and I gave it back the day this period ended. I gave my special person back their freedom, symbolically. 

And then I got a necklace myself, for my birthday last September. With some extra metal, which I removed.

I have it in silver, though I know it can be found in gold, bronze, grey, black, shimmery, you name it. But I like the necklace better without the excess metal. I thik this version of the wing is the most beautiful too, though them ost popular on ebay looks like this:


So basically.... I want a tattoo that's something like this:

Or like this:

These are just basic scetches though... I'mma let a tattoo artist work out the rest!

While we're on it..... I'd also like something like this on my shoulder blade/back:

Either in b/w, or with blue... 

What do you think?

♥ The Norwegian Teenager




25.12.2011 kl.03:07

I first congradulate you on your research and findings.bravo!you really take time n effort to get the best.all the tattos r great n kant really differentiate btwn them.whichever one u choose it surely gonna look great on you.i hope am gonna get to see it in person.

a teenager with thoughts ©

25.12.2011 kl.15:46

suleiman: Well... First of all, I need to find a tattoo artist in this country willing to to a tattoo on the wrist - I don't want it further up. If not, I have to travel abroad. And for sure you'll get to see it ;D


26.12.2011 kl.17:35

elsker ideen din, ser at du trenger og finne en som er villig til og tatovere på hånleddet, det er ikke noe problem, de aller fleste gjør det.

kunne jo anbefalt min tatoverings sjappe men den hører til i Drammen og det blir jo litt langt kanskje, jeg har skrift på håndleddet. du finner helt garantert en tatovør i norge. http://www.tatoveringsguiden.com/

på den addresen der finner du tatovører i nærheten av deg selv. lykke til.

a teenager with thoughts ©

27.12.2011 kl.20:02

beautifulaas: Virkelig? Har hørt at det er mange som ikke vil tatovere der - men det var kanskje "før i tiden"?

Haha, kanskje jeg skal stikke innom deg neste gang jeg er i Drammen? Har familie der ;)

Tusen takk!

...har du forresten noe prisanslag for denne typen tatovering? (=


28.12.2011 kl.07:46

oh, min kosta 630, men han var lærling, og det tror jeg var med 25% avslag.

håndledds tatoveringen tok jeg for 4 år siden, og det er flust med folk som løper rundt med sin egen håndledds tatovering.

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