Too Many Pictures, Too Little Talk... let's talk about 2011!

I started the year, STICKY WITH CHAMPAGNE - I wrote that in the middle of the night, but because the striked through text didn't work properly I had to keep updating it, hence it appears to be written at 2 in the afternoon. So in 24 hours, I'll probably be wearing something similar to what I wore last year, drinking something similar to what I drank last year, and feeling completely different from what I felt last year.

There's no denying it. 2011 has changed me. A lot.

I've spent 1500 words describing love to someone who has never heard of it - a challenge I got from this person I was talking to all night new year's eve last year. Though, the length was entirely up to me. It just happended to become 1500 words. Love is simple, it's just not always easy.

I have come to realize that being perfectly imperfect is ok, because so is somebody else.

Somewhere along the road I learned that time heals, and also that time turns flames to embers. Wounds heal, but some scars will never completely disappear.

The last night of winter break before school started in January, I was up until 5am - talking to a person on msn. I wrote this very random blog entry in Norwegian class that first day of school. And throughout December I have learned that practice makes perfect - the more nights I stay up into the early hours, the better I learn to cope the next day! To simplify that sentence: Coffee... Coffee... Coffee...

Ooooh, in 2011 (January) I also began my Coffee Blogging!! I think it began as I was finishing up an assignment for Norwegian class... One of the best essays I've written, and one of the things I am the most pround of when it comes to my accomplishments in school senior year. I'm sorry I haven't been able to keep it up throughout the summer, fall, and winter... And I probably won't be able to the upcoming months either, because of my traveling... But I do miss it! All those friday mornings where there was just me, some scrambled eggs, my laptop, and a cup of coffee... ♥

I still find it easier to express myself in English than Norwegian sometimes. So that's one thing that hasn't changed, I guess...

Quotes can change a life. That's why I have a category devoted to them. I love my quotes, and I want to share them with the world. At some points in my life, where no one has been able to understand me, I turn to the quotes. One time, it changed my entire life. I love my quotes. And I love Meredith Grey.

I keep losing The Game. And since I mentioned it, you just lost it too.

Secondhand Serenade has beautiful songs. Like these two from the latest album (not the EP).

Conflicts are unavoidable. And I've had a lot of them. And I have learned how to solve them. Sometimes...

I've learned that freedom is important to me. Someone that used to mean just about everything to me taught me that. Although it took some months for me to fully understand it. So now I wear the same necklace as this person every day to remind me to take care of my own freedom, and do what is best for me, what makes me happy, no matter what anyone else may say.

I turned emotional. I don't know when that happened, or how. Maybe I just grew up.

My addictiveness to coffee has just grown and grown. Now I need a cup of coffee to make the cup of coffee that I need in order to open my eyes!

Another quote by Meredith Grey that I am quite fond of: "People are constantly asking you how you're doing. How the hell are you supposed to know?"

Chris Crocker is a cool guy. He made this video, you see, about people that want their exes back when they are moving on. That's never happened to me. And I think it's better that way, because I really don't know how I would handle a situation like that. "One day you will wake up realizing you let go of her, and she was the one. When that day comes around, she will be waking up next to the one that always knew." And "When times get tough and you have a difficult desicion to make... Flip a coin. Why? Because when the coin is in the air, you suddenly know what you're hoping for."

Have you ever had one of those weird feelings where you just feel... Alive? I have. I remember the feeling. It was a wonderful one. And it doesn't happen too often. So enjoy it while it lasts.

In June, I found a field full of wishes. I only made one.

I did some things I couldn't speak of. But at night I lived them all again.

"Your voice was the soundtrack of my summer" - just like the year before... And the year before... Wonder if it will ever change?

Being childish sometimes is good for the soul. But watching Pokmon - three seasons, to be exact - for a week or more? I don't know about that... :D

People change, get over it. And if you don't know me by now... Well, you'd have to spend a lifetime with me to know me. There are a lot of things to know.

"I'll see you soon, then" is a fantastic quote. It's often how I end my diary entries. It was said by Savannah in the Dear John-movie (not the book, the movie, which I like much better than the book, actually). She's played by Amanda Seyfried. The same actress that appears in Mean Girls, Letters to Juliet, and Mamma Mia, to mention some. I love her, she's amazing. I wrote a love letter this year. Not a Dear John letter. But I received something as good as one.

No one ever did answer my questions from this entry here... I am still hoping someone will...

I've wondered a lot about my tattoo... The one I have yet to get, that is. Here's one idea, that I'd like for my shoulder blade, or something like that. I have another one planned for my wrist, you can see it later..

And then there was July, more specifically, the 22nd. It was a horrible day for my nation, and talked about all over the world. I wasn't even in my country when it happened. But what good would I be able to do there, anyways?

I had to deal with a situation that required keeping my mind occupied. Quoting me: "It's not like I can vacuum the same carpet over and over, or dust the same book shelf too many times, and if I begin secon rounds of watering the plants I'm sure there'll be a disaster... Yeah I know right, cleaning... Isn't that what we do to keep our minds off something, though?"

These evening, while writing this, I have been listening to music. I began with Philter, and realized I am unable to listen to the song "Revolver". I got a really weird feeling in my entire body and images flashed in front of my eyes. So I just had to skip it. It's a shame, I like Philter... Or at least this album. Now I am listening to Snow Patrol. Most of the songs come without memories, apart from "Chasing Cars" and "Set the Fire to the Third Bar", those also bring out weird feelings...


"September saw a month of tears, I'm thanking God that you weren't there to see me like that..."
And the month only had three blog entries, one on my birthday and two on the 9th.

We went on some trips. Maybe that's why the previous month had so few entries. Anyways, here are some photos from the places we went!

Do YOU know when you've been in Norway for too long? No? Then read this!

I was inspired. First by some pictures, later by music. It was a fun assignment!

And I began watching Criminal Minds... Fell in love with the characters - again! I find all the nerd I need in Sheldon Cooper and Spencer Reid! However, I haven't watched much Big Bang Theory since last summer... I believe I saw the first five episodes of the last season, or something like that, but it's a completely different experience than it used to be...

Did you know I am a good friend? I am. I might not be able to show it at all times. But I'm there for my friends when they need me. If you hurt my friend... Let's go for a walk.

I found a new way of blogging about my photography. It looks like this. And this. And this. And last but not least, this.

And I learned a song in a language I don't speak. I just learned that this past week, actually... Which means this blog entry, on equal terms as this year, is coming to and end. But the year has one more day in it, and I have room for a little more writing! Anyhoo, the language is Swahili and the song is Jambo Bwana!

We're back to my tattoo. I told you I had something planned for my wrist as well... Well, here it is, this is it.

So we have come full circle. Another year has come to an end. And so has this blog entry, if you bothered to read it all. My guess is that exactly one person will. And I reward that person with saying CONGRATULATIONS, when you have finished reading this you have read 1716 words - the longest blog entry I have ever written!

Happy New Year! I wish you all the best of luck!

And of all the new year's resolutions I made last year, there is one I intend on keeping for this upcoming year as well...

~ Follow my heart with whatever decision I make

♥ The Norwegian Teenager (entering her last 8 months and 6 days of running this blog, before she turns 20)

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