How To: Photograph the Fireworks

As you might have understood, from last year's new year entries and what I've posted today, you might already know that I really like fireworks! Last year I took pictures with my cell phone and posted them on here, and this year I wanted to step it up a bit. I was thinking that the way to photograph fireworks is somewhat similar to northern lights, but I'm not 100% certain of how to do that either, and after I googled a bit, I decided it just wouldn't do. So what did I do?

I texted TS. Tha teacha himself! He has more than 20 years experience with photography, has been teaching at my school for three and a half years, before that he worked for a photo company in the city for years, has lived on Spitsbergen, is married to a photographer who has her own company that they founded together, and is really just a great photographer.

So you want the recipe on how to do photograph the fireworks? Well, here it is:

ISO 400
f./ 8 or 11
Shutter 30 sek-1 minute - depending on the amount of fireworks. Lots of it = shorter time, otherwise they will lay on top of each other in the photo.
Stay low. The fireworks are prettiest towards the sky.
Happy New Year!

So now it's just to get out there and shoot! Have fun!

Btw: Watching Beverly Hills Cop with my family - young Eddie Murphy loookin goooood!! :b

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