Just That One Cup of Coffee... And One More... And One More...

Good morning to those of you who just got up! Personally, Ive been awake for a whole hour and a half! Ate new year's breakfast with my parents, took a shower... Then let my brother take a shower, hence I'm sitting here with wet hair drinking a cup of coffee as I'm waiting...

I went to bed around 3am last night. I was sitting up waiting for a certain person to come back online on facebook, but he didn't. I talked a bit with some other people from school, though. And decided to search for "grammar" on weheartit.com - it gave me 30 pages of results and I went through all of them. Some were really funny, I'll write an entry about that later today, or something.

Only three more days until I go back to school! I'm excited to meet everybody again. And it'll be only two and a half weeks until we leave for Africa! Which means I have to start packing... And find out if there is anything else I need from the store, which I'd have to get tomorrow... Leaving home on Tuesday night, will be at school in the early afternoon on Wednesday. And I'm so happy we're arriving on a Wednesday which means our first day of school falls on a Thursday, which means no singing on Wednesday, and education with Tommy on Thursday! I'm wondering whether he'll take us out of the other classes to plan our trip, he said something about that before the break... Time will show!

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01.01.2012 kl.14:18

Happy new year! :)

a teenager with thoughts

01.01.2012 kl.14:20

Siw: I like mte!

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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