I think I know what to do next...

NOTE:This is only funny when it conserns those that are either too lazy or not smart enough to learn proper grammar. I am not, under any circumstanses, making fun of or offending the people that have dyslexia or other learning, reading, or writing disabilities. Furthermore, this is supposed to be funny. If you are offended, then just don't read it.

Hahaaa, I love Meryl Streep in this movie... It'sA Series of Unfortunate Events, by the way... The movie is based on the three first of the 12 books by Lemony Snicket, all of which I have read, of course! Anyway, I think I need to study English next year. At some university. Somewhere... Since I love English and I am a grammar nazi!

One thing that annoys me very much is the fusion of the words in "a lot". It is not alot, as many people write, get it right!

This reminds me of this blog entry, which always makes me think of the character below:

And while we're at it, you might as well read her other blog entries as well - since she writes so well!

Let's talk about the classics...




↑ It's true!

So now you have absolutely no reason whatsoever not to get it right.

Loooook, even Richard Castle agrees with me!


Oh, here's another "tricky" one:

Let's continue this the natural way: With the little misspellings, the slang, and the words that are very often used the wrong way.

Another favorite of mine is the punctuation. Let's have a look at how important it can actually be, shall we:

What do grammar nazis like me do? Keep reading to find out!

I became interested in English due to the Internet... I used MySpace - back then, there weren't international versions and I had to sit there with my dictionary looking up words. And as I got better, I paid more attention in class, and I kept getting better and better. When in America, I had better grammar than a lot of kids I went to school with.

Excuse me...Analize?ANALIZE? No, it's analyze, get it right.

No, and we never said that. We merely said: If you can't win the argument, correct their grammar instead! It gives us something to do, and it is always fun to watch people's reactions!

To sum everything up in just one image, take a look at this one:

And to round it off, here are some more pictures:

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01.01.2012 kl.18:30

It waz funny than i thought it would b n i got some common mistake that i never knew until today.u r potentially a grammar nuttsy n a lover in reality.dont proof read my comment

a teenager with thoughts

01.01.2012 kl.18:39

suleiman: Didn't need to proof read it, darling, I spotted your mistakes the first time I read it ;)

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