And all the things I really don't need...

I was browsing right now, I don't really know why I all of a sudden thought of that page... But I've looked through pretty much every page there now, and found all the things I would really like to have but really don't need to spend my money on, or need in any kind of way, really. So of course, I just had to share them! Have a look at these:

A coffee mug with the caffeine molecule on it!

Mini loud-speaker!


Pi shaped ice cube thingy!

Rocks for the whiskey - literally!

More of the caffeine molecule!


Lookie lookie what I found :P

I waht the panic button and the meh. sign! :D

Brain freeze ice cube thingy!

Milk spatter cereal bowl! :D

The camera lens coffee mug - again! :D

It's a candy bowl (or a fish bowl if you wish) that's made to look like an open zip lock bag!

More mixture of photography and coffee - two of my favorite things in life!

More fridge magnets!

Jelly fish mood lamps!

And a water driven alarm clock!

Got any of these?
Want any of these?

♥ The Norwegian Teenager


Julie i England

02.01.2012 kl.15:37

Ahh, love some of the stuff :D


02.01.2012 kl.15:51

I just love the camera lens coffee mug,its cute n stylish n i would buy it just for swagga n a tshirtof"i always finish everything"

a teenager with thoughts

02.01.2012 kl.16:04

suleiman: Heheh.. Mental image: The two of us walking around in a big city somewhere with a camera lens coffee mug each, people turning to look at us cuz we got STYLE! ;D


02.01.2012 kl.18:15

That would b awesome bt naturally i gat the bottle n u gat the cup.i would stay calm and wount blink if u promise not to look at me!

a teenager with thoughts

02.01.2012 kl.22:25

suleiman: What's the point of you not blinking if I'm not looking at you?? ;)

Evy Karoline

03.01.2012 kl.16:03

Har ingenting av det, men synes T-skjortene du la ut var ganske kule! Spesielt den med "No comment" og "You read my T-shirt" :)

a teenager with thoughts

03.01.2012 kl.18:31

Evy Karoline: Ja, ikke sant! :D

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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