Start Spreading the News - I'm Leaving Today!

Last blog entry from home for now; I'm starting my journey back to school tonight! Taking a ferry for one hour to the city, waiting for three and a half, taking a train for nine, and a bus for five hours, and then I'll be there! I'm super excited!

I got my map in the mail today, and went to buy some red pins... Here's the result of my world map!

The red pins are the places where I've been, and the blue pin is where I'm from. I have not marked the transfer flights, or there would have been a few more pins on there, nor have I included all of the places here in Norway or Sweden. Main cities in Sweden, and where my school lies in Norway. Other cities in Norway I have visited are: Kristiansund, Molde, Bergen, Stavanger, Mandal, Kristiansand, Lillesand, Drammen, Oslo, Tranby, Rros, Mo i Rana, Mosjen, Bod, Svolvr... That's all I can remember for now, and the main cities.

So far, I don't have a lot of red pins on my map. However, there will be some more this upcoming year, and I'm hoping that by the time my life is over, this maps will have tons of red pins all over it.

And like I wrote on Facebook: When I'm dead, I want someone to make sure this map is updated, take a photo of it, and upload it on Facebook! If access to my account is impossible, tag my profile!

Do you have something like this, or would you perhaps want to get one?
What countries and cities have you visited?

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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03.01.2012 kl.23:15

I gat one of those bt it is a hand drawn sketch n it has only continents in it so the country i go to i draw it n the specific place.i have gone to four african countries n two european countries.sure,there will b someone

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