Help Me Choose: Which Bikini? (Pictures and Prices)

Iiiii.... Need a new bikini. Those I have, I bought in America in 2009-2010, and I want something new. I've found a few options at Nelly, but I can't choose... Help me!

"Love Issue" NOK 150,- (link)

"New Love Issue Print" NOK 169,- (link)

"Only Hope" NOK 195,- (link)

"Sex On Fire" NOK 249,- (link)

Opinions, please?

The Norwegian Teenager


tiffany - fashion is passion

05.01.2012 kl.13:33

Den svarte var finest :) den kan du mikse med ogs !

suleiman ndungu

09.01.2012 kl.14:20

any of them would look good on u koz you r really hot n if u get more almost naked we will have to call the firestation.i think the flowery one is sexxy,especially on african beaches.

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