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Good afternoon, my readers! Actually, for me, it still feels like morning. I slept until 11, because our teacher gave us the day off to pack for our trip to AFRICA!

Yesterday we were at TroFo - another communty college - and beat them kids in both field hockey and soccer. After that we went shopping. For me, that meant I was reading the whole time. Yesterday I decided to finish reading PS: I Love You before we leave, and so I did last night. Now I can give it to a friend of mine who wants to read it while we're in Africa. It had a nice ending, I really liked it...

And now the question: What the heck am I gonna read while we're in Africa? Here are the books I have at school that I haven't read...

(Have read parts of this one)

Keep in mind: I can only bring one book, and we borrow from each other throughout the trip. All of these books are in English, and I don't know if anyone has any interest of reading them apart from me...

Earlier, I read the book The Shadow of the Wind by Spanish author Carlos Ruiz Zafn. I found that he has written two more books,The Angel's GameandThe Heaven's Prisoner. The first of these two is a prequel to Shadow, but even though I loved that book, it's kind of slow... I could take my chances and buy something at the airport, but I also risk not finding anything I want to read...

What do you think?

Oh well.... I gotta go packing. Have been dreading this for long enough now. My roomie was sleeping when I left, but I hope she's up now. Have been reading e-mails, blogs, surfing facebook... And I actually read the two larges national newspapers AND my local newspaper! And an article from the local newspaper up here, which had written something about us... Our teacher was furious, because it made it sound like we were going to Africa to swim and sun bathe - which we're not. Like I said: I'm procrastinating. Now I really am gonna go. see y'all later!

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Julie i England

19.01.2012 kl.22:39

Skulle bare nske jeg hadde tlmodighet til lese bker.. Bare en bok, og jeg hadde vrt meget stolt av meg selv... Dessverre finnes det ikke slik tlmodighet i meg..

suleiman ndungu

23.01.2012 kl.09:33

hello my friend.for sure there is more to do in africa rather than just swimming.i bet u wount have time to read your book in kenya koz there is so much to do n see,all you need is a good memory n mayb a noteboook.have fun n i hope u wount get roasted!

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