Short Shoutout from the Sunny Southern Kenya!

My deepest, sincerest apologies for my way-too-long absence! However, I have been without Internet for the most part up until today, and what little I've had has been extremely terrible.

I have gotten to experience so many things, that you wouldn't believe me if I told you. However, a picture tells more than a thousand words.... So you'll get to see them later!

So far, I've seen all the "traditional" safari animals, with the exception of the leopard. I've gotten sunburned and tanned all over each other, I've washed my laundry by hand with a piece of hard soap, and gotten half of my hair braided. Having the time of my life on this African adventure!

What more is, I've seen the real Maasais, the only tribe in Kenya that still has so many people living the traditional way! My class lived with them down in Loita on the border to Tanzania for four-five days, and it was most definitely the best part of our trip. The forest here is their pride, and the only tropical forest in all of Kenya. It's called The Forest of the Lost Child, because a Maasai child got lost in there a long time ago, and was never found.

For several months now, the maasais have been preparing the graduation of the warriors, where they move on to being young adults and ready to marry. Warriors are in the age of 14 to 25 years old. It's a really interesting culture, and I highly recommend reading about them if you get the chance. Here's a link. And the book Broken Spears is really a must-read if you become interested in this; the book was introduced to us by a Maasai who functioned as our guide and translator, and I later was one of the lucky four to find a copy in a bookstore back in town!

Anyways, the graduation of the warriors. One of the things they do is go out and hunt for lions, a highly dangerous thing to do, and the Maasais are the only ones who are allowed to do that. Or, the only ones that do do it, anyways, however, I don't know if they are actually allowed to... And here's the part that I wanted to tell you: The day that we visited the Manyatta, the holy village which will be burned after the ceremony in April, the warriors came back from a lion hunt. They'd been walking for three days from Tanzania, heading back to the village in which we were lucky to be (another car with tourists had been turned away shortly before we arrived on that same day). The warriors were carrying their spears, singing and dancing. And on the spears, they had the tale, paws, and lears of a young male lion. We got to witness the celebration as the young boys came back to town. The first two to spear the lion, brothers, were only about 18 years old - that's even younger than me!

When I look back upon this day, it feels like I'm thinking about a dream: I can literally see a white cloudy frame around the images in my head! I told you, I wouldn't believe me if I were you either. Heck, I hardly believe myself! But I'll show you the photos when I get home and have a proper computer and internet.

In writing moment, I am sitting in a hostel in Mombasa. The ocean we can almost see is the Indian Sea, in which I intend to swim one of these days, so I can tick of another sea/ocean on the list! Other things I've done so far: pet a baby elephant. Pet a giraffe. Go on a trip in a hot air balloon. Being proposed to by three Maasais - one of which was the age of my father, just to mention that. And I have two more names to add to my list of names for myself, one being Maasai and meanind "Ever Happy", the other being from the Kalenjin tribe and having to do with the time of day I was born.

Hope you're all doing great! I'll try to get you some photos soon!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager



03.03.2012 kl.13:02

Me,myself n i have been ok.i wish you were there for the maasai circumcission festival n ul see men trying not to cry.

a teenager with thoughts

04.03.2012 kl.09:16

suleiman: Not only trying not to cry. The maasais aren't even allowed to flinch, or have any reaction whatsoever! Otherwise the audience will leave, they are not allowed to become warriors, and they are branded cowards for their lives... The worst is still girl circumcision, though... Like my teacher said: They cut away all the fun parts! And sew them back together. And they will have minimal pleasure for the rest of their lives. I saw some of those girls, and I felt so sorry for them...

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