Me with: African Hair!

While I was in Africa, I tried a couple of different hair styles... First I tried something like this:

Which was pretty and lasted about one week before it was falling out. I wanted something better, something even more African. So I went for this:

Which was FUN! I haven't had hair this long since I was 15 years old, and even then it was much thinner and stringier. This was really just very practical in Africa, where I didn't have access to warm water all the time and couldn't wash my hair properly. It took 8 hours to braid.

Then, yesterday, because my hair is way too smooth for this to stay, it was falling out, and even though it's practical and fun back in Africa it isn't quite the same here in Norway, I spent 4 hours unbraiding it with the help from my mother. Now Iook like a mix between this:

Swedish child book character Ronja Rverdatter

and this:


My hair is so dry and frizzy, I'm going to spend the day first washing it, hair treatment, conditioner, and then a bunch of leave-in products to try to get it back to my normal smooth hair-do, which looks somewhat like this:

Pictures are taken from Google Archives.

Wish me luck!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager


Silje Lilles

04.03.2012 kl.09:59

Haha, good luck! :D

a teenager with thoughts

04.03.2012 kl.11:58

Silje Lilles: Thanks! There was a LOT of hair in the shower by the time I was done! Fortunately, it was all fake, though!


06.03.2012 kl.21:55

Normal smooth hair,i wonder how it would feel if i touched it

a teenager with thoughts

08.03.2012 kl.13:38

suleiman: that an insult?

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a teenager with thoughts

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