I need to stop letting people saying things that really shouldn't matter get to me. Yes. I post things on Facebook. Yes. I do know that nobody cares what I do with my day. I do it because I am bored. I don't like my home town. Not because I didn't have a nice childhood in a big house with a lovely family, because I've had all of that. I didn't have many friends here, and I've experienced many bad things emotionally here. 

I've always been a Facebooker. I really got addicted throughout the year I spent in America, where I had unlimited texting and could update my status by sending a text message. When I came home that summer, I had some real fights with ex school mates about spamming - on Facebook, of course. I thought that was past, but events have shown that it's not. Let me ask a question though: If my text are pointless and boring, why do you read them? And then comment? That is pointless. If you don't like what I write, unfriend me, see if I give a fuck. But I'm not going to waste my time trying to please people who I can only keep in contact with on Facebook now. I'm not going to waste my time deleting people who might not want to read my posts. I've said it before and I say it again: If what I write on my status on Facebook is bothering you, that's your problem and not mine. 

I know who my real friends are.

When we were writing in the yearbooks back at school, one girl wrote to me:
[...] And keep posting and liking on Facebook, no matter what :) 
"Because that's who you are, you know," she said to me.

I was sitting in the sun on the porch just a few minutes ago, thinking of how to formulate this blog post, and I asked myself: What Would Boyfriend Say? And it dawned on me:
"You need to stop caring about other people and just do what's right for you. You are who you are, and that's the girl I love. I don't want you to change that."

Thank you for being the voice in my head :*

And to quote Mika's My Interpretation:

I don't care if I ever talk to you again
This is not about emotion
I don't need a reason not to care what you say


(Also, I might have had more than my share of coffee today.....)

♥ The Norwegian Teenager 


Tonje - en blogg om alt

15.05.2012 kl.09:50

words. :)

Julie i England

15.05.2012 kl.23:11

Yeah, you rally got a point! Don't worry about them.. You are the strong girl and know what's right! Rock on!! ((:

a teenager with thoughts ©

15.05.2012 kl.23:35

Julie i England: Thanks you, your support means a lot to me ((=

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