Happy birthday, Norway! Today is the constitution day of the country which I was born into. So yeah, I?m here, celebrating; physically, anyhow. Mentally, I wish I was someplace else.

I never really felt Norwegian. When I was 13 I made up my mind that I was going to live in America. Three years later, at 16-17, I was.  And my best friends were Polish, Colombian, and Brazilian.  I always wanted to visit places like Japan, Fiji, and Africa. Most recently, I want to visit Starbuck Island, for the mere reason that it rises only 5 meters above the ocean and hardly anyone has ever been there. I speak English better than Norwegian half of the time. I was always too international.

Earlier this year, as many of you know, I was in Kenya ? and I fell absolutely, irrevocably in love with the country. I already had a boyfriend who was born and raised there. We?re still together, although we are literally three worlds apart now (Europe being the old world, America being the new world, and Africa being part of the third world). It?s been under a week since we last saw and spoke to each other, and it still seems unreal. It feels like we?re on a break and are going back to school soon. We didn?t talk much on the phone during the breaks either, we texted and Facebooked, and maybe had three-four phone calls in a couple of weeks. It feels like it?s only temporarily that I turn around in bed and hit my hand in the wall when I reach out to touch his chest?

I?m trying to be true to my country today. I?ll be watching the parade on TV (since it?s supposed to be raining), and eat cream cake with my family, wear nice clothes, and I even polished my nails yesterday ? all white apart from the ring fingers, which have Norwegian flags on them. But no matter what, I know that my ship sailed long ago, and my heart already belongs elsewhere.

It?s hot, it?s sunny, it rains in December, and the person I fell completely in love with lives there. And I intend to do so as well, someday, when I finish a degree in something or other.

The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts ©

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