I've always been weak for graduation speeches. I cried at the principal's speech at my brother's middle school graduation. I teared up when my principal spoke in church a week ago, and several times throughout several speeches throughout dinner that day. Earlier, I've posted Jessica's graduation speech from Twilight. Today I watched episode 23 of the 4th season of Castle, and I had reason to believe that's the last episode there will be - SPOILER ALERT!!!! - because Becket resigned and she and Castle finally had each other (however, season 5 will be on ABC in America from September, so no worries, they'll be back!). And Alexis graduated from high school. She held a speech, and I wanted to share it with you. Of course, I shed a couple of tears:

There is a universal truth we all have to face, whether we want to or not: Everything eventually ends. As much as I've looked forward to this day, I've always disliked endings: last day of summer, the final chapter of a great book, parting ways with a close friend. But endings are inevitable: we leaves fall, you close the book, you say goodbye. Today is one of those days for us. Today we say goodbye to everything that is familiar, everything that was comfortable. We're moving on. But just because we're leaving, and that hurts, there are some people that are so much a part of us, they'll be with us no matter what. They are our solid ground, our north star, and the small clear voices in our hearts that will be with us - always. 

♥ The Norwegian Teenager 

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