Cover Update

Hey! I just got a new cover for my Facebook profile, and I wanted to share it with my readers!

I found this cover online, and it since it has blue in it it fits my profile picture of me and my boyfriend better than the lion in the grass that I had earlier. What do you think? 

Speaking of lions... That's the only animal I've share with you from my Africa trip, isn't it? Apart from the previews, I mean... I'll follow up on that real soon, I promise! I just need to finish this hat project I'm working on, and eating my lunch, and watching the last episode of Grey's Anatomy - which is taking some time to load... If you want a great place to watch series like this for free, check out! I recommend the players putlocker and shockshare because they don't have a limit of x minutes per day that you can watch.

How are you spending the Sunday? I am currently waiting to see who won the photo contest I'm in on, she said she was gonna choose the winner today! 

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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20.05.2012 kl.18:39


Gratulerer, du vant fotokonkurransen min! Jeg trenger en mail med adressen din, så jeg kan sende deg en overaskelse i posten :-D

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