Some of the We-Only-Saw-Them-Once Animals

White rhinos. Both white and black rhinos are grey in colour though. We know they're white because they're not alone, they're in groups (pardon me if I'm incorrect).


These are buffalos. We actually saw very many of these, but it's boring to have too many of the same picture cuz they're not really good models. However, these along with the elephants, are some of the most dangerous animals on the savanna - much more dangerous than the lions! A lion you can befriend, and it won't attack you unless you provoke it, and they only attack animals they know they can handle. For instance, the lions didn't attack us when we were sitting on top of the safari cars because as long as we had our legs in the car they would see us as a part of the car and too large a pray for them - whereas the buffalos and elephants both made signs to us that they didn't like us and they would attack if we didn't get the hell out of their way.

The crown crane is the national bird of Uganda, we found it in Kenya, and this was the only semi decent shot I got...

We didn't get to see any leopards, sadly, that was the only animal we missed out on of the big five... But we did see this cheetah mom and her baby just as we were leaving Maasai Mara to go to Loita plains! Pics from there coming up later, look forward to those!

The Norwegian Teenager


Marthe Kalland

21.05.2012 kl.12:02

Fine bilder :)

Julie i England

21.05.2012 kl.15:41

I just want sooo badely to do this; take pictures of animals in different countries!!

Love the images!!

a teenager with thoughts

21.05.2012 kl.16:56

Julie i England: Kenya and Tanzania are the best places in West Africa to go on safari, and the Maasai Mara and the Serengeti are both famous. I'd recommend July-August, as that's when the migration happens, and there are a lot more animals, bigger herds, and they move around a lot more! ^^,

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