Always On My Mind

She sits there looking at the pictures
Does he even miss her? She got suspicions
And the clock on the wall tick-tocking so slow
All she wanna know is when he's coming home 
But he's not picking up when she calls him
She can hear alarms ring - it's alarming
As the minutes go by she assumes the worst
The kind of thoughts that scars and truly hurts
She needs a calming voice she knows so well
To answer and tell her everything's ok
'Cause the shakes won't go away, her body's shivering
Because these images starts sinking in
The day comes to an end, she's giving up
Cries herself to sleep 'cause she's had enough
He's unavailable, she won't let it go
And then he sends her these words:

Baby, I miss you, I can't stand the distance
Lost in the crowd when you're not around
I want you, I need you, I'm longing to feel you, girl...
You're always on my mind 

I think Sirius is an amazing artist, and I really love this song.

And I have the best boyfriend! Today he told me that he was at a market in his city today and bought something he's gonna send me! He's so sweet... You're always on my mind!

I know we're far apart, and I know that many people say that distance ruins relationships - all kinds, not just the romantic ones, but I have living proof that that is a lie. At summer camp on the east coast of the USA I became really good friends with a guy from Switzerland - we met at the airport on our way back to Europe a year later and we were still good friends because we'd kept in touch throughout the year! We met again in October that same year (the airport-airplane trip was in June), and although we haven't seen each other since I'll be visiting him in September this year. Another example is my Polish unrelated sister, whom I was bffs with in Lake Stevens. Thirteen months minus a day after we parted ways in America, I went to visit her in her city, and it was as if no time had passed at all! That was last summer. We didn't get the opportunity to meet again this summer, but I have faith in that we can meet somewhere throughout this year, maybe somewhere cheap in Europe!

What I'm really trying to say here is that distance is only as great a barrier as you let it be! If you have faith in a relationship, it will work out! Heck, I've been head over heels in love with a person I've only talked with through this technological device right in front of me and never actually met in person - twice! That being said, I was 15 and 16 then... I'm nearly 20 now though, and I have faith in that this will work out, because my love is strong enough to handle the space - quote by a boyfriend of a doctor in Grey's Anatomy.

The spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly...

Do you have faith in long distance relationships?

♥ The Norwegian Teenager




22.05.2012 kl.19:07

Takk for herlig kommentar! Nyttige tips : )

Det at avstand ødelegger tror jeg også kun er oppspinn. Så lenge man er en sterk person og stoler på den andre så er det null stress med avstand : )

a teenager with thoughts ©

24.05.2012 kl.11:15

Aali: Håper noe av det var hjelpsomt!

Ja, ikke sant :D

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