Music vs Memories

Some songs will always contain certain memories, will always remind me of a certain person or event.

For instance: Far Away by Nickelback will always remind me of Veterans' Day the year I was in America, because on that day I watched a youtube video with images of soldiers, their families, war... And this song was playing in the background.

Another example is In My Head by Jason Derulo, which I listened to with a friend on a flight from Chicago to London at the end of the year mentioned above.

Karl Wolf's version of Toto's Africa and Jason Derulo's Fight For You are only some of the songs that'll never be the same again, just because they were on the playlist I listened to the most while driving the roads in Kenya for hours on end.

Motherlover and I Just Had Sex are a couple of songs by The Lonely Island that we bonded through on my floor at college 2011-12, and I'll always think of the birthday song my roomie and her friend wrote me with the melody of the first one.

Yup, there are a lot of songs in my iPod, and there's a memory or more connected to each and every one of them. The most recent favorite though, is a song to which my boyfriend and I danced, the last evening before Christmas holidays, a three weeks break in December-January. It was late in the evening, we were sitting on the floor of my dorm room, as my roomie had already left, listening to music, and he asked me to dance with him when this song came on. It's one of my favorite memories with him, and also he told me he loves me. And the song... Anybody wanna guess? Nah, I'll spare you. It's Air by Philter, and here you have it:



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