Cherry Blossom

Today was yet another day with next to perfect weather here in my town, and as a result I got out and took some pics of the flowers on our cherry tree! Yup, we have a cherry tree in our garden, right next to the apple and plum trees, and three different berry bushes. The birds usually eats most of the fruit, but I think the flowers are really beautiful, so I wanted to share them!

The pictures are taken with my usual camera, Canon EOS 500D, and my Sigma tele lens, 70-300, using macro function on all but the first two, which were taken from the balcony looking down on the tree. I'm talking about the macro button on my lens, not the setting on the camera, just to clarify; I hardly ever use anything but M and P, actually! If I'm in a hurry I use P and adjust the ISO, but pretty much all the time I just use M and set aperture, shutter, white balance etc myself, I feel more in control that way. And anyone who knows me knows I am a control freak! Anyways, here are the pics from today:

Funny, I didn't even see the spider before I was choosing the pictures!

What do you think, and do you have a favorite?

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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