Work Out One

Hey! I wanted to update on how my workout is going... If you remember my entry about the 30 Day Shred, you probably realize that I'm past the first 10 days now. I actually completed the 1st level of the workout in 12 days though - I took May 17th off, and then I was in the city one day looking at an apartment (which I got, by the way). I did 10 workouts, though! And since I'm three days into the 2nd level now I thought I'd share the first one with you, so you can see what I've been doing.


So what I did... On most of the leg exercises, I had to follow Anita - I couldn't follow Natalie, as I hardly had any strength in my legs at all. The arm exercises there weren't really any modifications on, but on some I just didn't lift as high, for instance. I managed to push through the cardio exercises after the first couple of days, and by the end it was no problem at all. On the abs I had to increase the speed actually, because that's where the best trained muscles of mine are located. And I like to stretch a little extra at the end, especially in my legs.

If you're laughing at this and think I'm weak and out of shape... Well, I guess I am. And the first step towards fixing the problem is to acknowledge that you have one. You should really try it though, regardless. And I promise you: I miss this level already! The 2nd is more difficult...

More to come!

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