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I realized yesterday that there are some things from my trip to Africa that I have yet to show you... So here's a new themed entry, this time about scenery! And if you're like me you probably think that scenery is like a view where you see a lot of things... But the real definition of scenery according to one of my dictionaries tells us this:You can refer to everything you see around you as the scenery, especially when you are in the countryside.

So here's som scenery from Kenya (and two photos from Uganda)!

At the AFEW Giraffe Center in Nairobi. I sure wouldn't mind spending a night in this hotel!

The famous Mount Kenya - Queen Victoria's mountain with snow down in Africa. I have this picture in one of our exhibitions back up north.

While we were at the view point to Mount Kenya I found this stubborn little plant, forcing itself to live in the red, dry ochre ground.

The picture of this acacia tree was taken while driving back to our hotel after seeing Mount Kenya.

A plant beside the road where we stopped on our way back. The lighting was really cool.

Just experimenting with tint in Lightroom I got this result. Dedicated to the biggest fan of pink that I know!

Only the palm tree shows that this was not taken from my back yard veranda...

Next day on our trip - the pervious ones were taken in Nanyuki by the equator, this is in Lake Nakuru National Park, the view from Baboon View Point.

Sunset in Lake Nakuru... You might recognize this photo as one of the entries for that photo contest.

Sunset in Maasai Mara - we drove here after Lake Nakuru, and our first safari there was in the afternoon and evening, and the light was really beautiful.

The same tree and the same sunset on that same day.

A pink twist!

Before dawn in a hot air balloon - Maasai Mara, day 2, was started with a hot air balloon ride! We were not alone to spend the morning that way...

I know many people who admire this photo... It cost me $420 to participate on this, but it was totally worth it!

This is the balloon I was up in, taken at dawn the day after, on our last full day in Maasai Mara, aka "the lion day" among Backpack Foto.

Our last sunset in Maasai Mara, and most definitely the most beautiful one. This was the picture I won the contest with, as you might remember...

Another picture from that same day, a little later... My car then drove out to the tree, so the others have pics of that, whereas we got to photograph this:

Experimenting with white balance, I managed to among others get purple and black clouds!

In Mombasa, at Fort Jesus, I found this flower. It was used to make perfume with centuries ago!

The flag of Kenya. Our guide told us the black stands for the skincolor of the people, the red symbolizes the blood shed during the colonial times, the green is for nature, and white is the color of peace.

In the Old Town in Mombasa I came across this - it's electricity and telephone wires stuck on a house corner. Didn't exactly appear safe!

A typical street in Old Town - and one of my favorite pictures. This is also a picture in the largest exhibition. The last two will appear in separate entries later on. My mom also loves this picture very much.

This is the simplest way to lock your house! Well, not so safe though, seeing as it's fairly easy to cut this kind of a padlock with the right tools...

A wall in Old Town.

Inside a tree in the Mabira Rain Forest in Uganda - it was so big it looked like it was actually many trees, and you could actually walk inside of it. This photo is taken looking upwards, as you might see.

Mabira is famous for housing many many species of butterflies. Unfortunately, they're not all that easy to photograph though. This was the only one I got a picture of!

I hope you enjoyed these photos, feel free to ask any questions, and I'll be back with more from the slum and the orphanage and the warriors' manyatta later on!

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Marthe Kalland

30.05.2012 kl.21:08

Nydelige bilder! :)

a teenager with thoughts

31.05.2012 kl.13:04

Marthe Kalland: Takk takk! :D

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