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Hola, everybody! Today I've vaccumed, worked out, and written a kick-ass article about four days of our north trip (which was more west than north, really) when we were in Kenya. Then I wrote a list of all the Africa photos/themes I've covered on my blog so far, and a second for what's left - based on my gallery (in lack of a better word) in Lightroom. So I just started with the beginning, and here are the children we've met - at the orphanage, out on the road, in Mombasa's Old Town, and villages out in the bush. Enjoy!

A girl at Nuru Africa who was upset because a boy had stepped on her foot and she was bleeding a little...

The children here do their laundry every day when they get back from school.

Children at the day care/pre school/kindergarten - they learn simple things like counting, the alphabed, and simple math problems.

Both of these are in the kindergarten, as well as they live at the orphanage.

Homework time after supper. Mandatory until 9pm, when the youngest go to bed (the very youngest, the kindergarteners go to bed after supper), the older kids can stay up longer if they want to - only to study.

My friend Lucy by the Nuru Africa painting on the wall.

Food time - this is Maureen....

And this is Maureen's sister Catherine.

Bedtime! The smaller children, like Catherine and Lucy, share a bed (they're about 10 years old).

A boy in a field near Nanyuki.

Boys, also in Nanyuki.

One of Chief Mokompo's children, outside his house.

A maasai girl in the warriors' village.

A girl in the streets of Mombasa Old Town.

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01.06.2012 kl.15:21

Nydelige barn , virkelig ! <3

a teenager with thoughts

01.06.2012 kl.15:32

Lykkelys: Ja, ikke sant! Jeg ble s glad i barna p barnehjemmet, det var skikkelig tungt reise derifra... Og etter fire-fem uker blant menneskene i Kenya visste jeg ikke hvordan jeg skulle fotografere hvite mennesker da jeg kom tilbake til Norge igjen!

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