Karibu, Kibera!

Kibera is the 2nd largest slum, exceeded only by Soweto in South Africa. I got the privilige to be there twice, once with the class and once with two other students plus the pastor who runs Nuru. Our task was to document the living conditions in the area, because this is one of the places where Nuru saves a lot of children from. Here's an assortment of pictures from the two trips into Kibera; they portray what a lot of people think of when they hear the word Africa. Kenyan cencus though, says that a little over 170 000 people live in the urban slum area. And there is a lot more to Kenya than what we see in these photos, as you have seen from what I've posted earlier, and from what is yet to come. I hope you enjoy.

We saw these words many times throughout our hours in the slum...

Garbage, people, and train tracks... - Children walk to school on these! And the trains just pop out of nowhere, just like that!

Cooking in the ghetto

Sewage in the streets...

I always wondered... Is that sign behind "all varieties" a minus or a colon??

More sewage...

A picture in one of our exhibitions...

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