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Yesterday I was in the city with a friend and her younger sister, where we later met up with some other siblings of her for a street marathon (we walked...) to promote women's causes. But before that, we had time to do a little shopping... Here are my latest additions:

Top from PM

Bikini from BikBok (yes, I know the hanger says H&M, but that's just something I pulled out of the closet)

The coolest camera lens coffee mug ever!!!

And while we're talking about cool things, you probably want to read this:


I was at  the grocery store the other day and bought a bag of dog food for my dog, when a lady behind me in line asked if I had a dog. Like, why else would I buy dog food?? So I impulsively answered that no, I don't have a dog, I'm starting my Pedigree Diet again. I probably shouldn't, since I ended up in the hospital last time! But I lost 25kg before I woke up in the ICU with a lot of tubes and needles attached to me, and liquid nutrition entering my body via both arms!

I told her that it's actually  the perfect diet, and that all you need to do is fill up your pockets with dog food and have a bite or two whenever you feel hungry. It's nutritious, so it works well, so I'm going to try it again.

(I have to mention that by now, everyone in line were listening and laughing at my story.) With fright written all over her face, the woman then asked if I'd ended up in the ICU because I'd been poisoned by  the dog food. No, I answered. I'd stepped down from the sidewalk to smell a poodle's behind, and got hit by a car!

I thought the man behind her was going to have a heart attack - he was laughing so hard he was crying!

So think through what you ask me next time, and be prepared to hear my answer. I have all the time in the world to come up with crazy replies...

And now that you've read this, I just have to confess that I've copied it from somebody else. Copy it too, and make someone else's day!



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Toves Sammensurium

06.06.2012 kl.22:05

Digger den toppen din...den var helt topp ;) ;)

Tove :)

Johanne Våge

07.06.2012 kl.08:15

kjempemye fint! :))

suleiman ndungu

07.06.2012 kl.11:21

i lie the shirt,am sure it has another designer name.i surely wanna see u live in the thong n the would be a dream come true

a teenager with thoughts ©

07.06.2012 kl.11:22

suleiman ndungu: wtf. it's a bikini - aka swim suit -.-' and like is spelled with a k ;)

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