Cheetah Nails!

I realize most people call these leopard nails, but seeing as I never saw a leopard in Africa, only cheetahs, I decided to call my new nail art cheetah instead! I was doing them today, here's what I did and the result:

1. Apply base coat.
2. Apply beige color - I used French Beige from Professional Nail Care Super Finish. Three coats, because it was kind of see-through still after two.
3. Apply gold color spots - I used a Max Factor Max Effect mini nail polish. I applied with a dry ballpoint pen.
4.  Apply black edges to the spots - I used Moonless Night from H&M, and applied using a toothpick.
5. Finish with top coat. I used Seche Bite dry fast top coat, the same as my base coat.

Sorry about the blury picture and slightly worse work of art on the right hand - I'm not left handed...

♥ The Norwegian Teenager




14.06.2012 kl.20:44

cute!too bad u didnt do that when i was with u.dont say i occupied all your tym

a teenager with thoughts ©

14.06.2012 kl.20:57

boyfriend: You did, and besides, I didn't have those colors up at school...

Janne, kommenterer tilbake

16.06.2012 kl.13:15

Det har jeg også laget :D

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a teenager with thoughts ©

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