The Vampires Prior to Twilight

Hey! Ok, so I've watched my fair share of movies these past couple of days... I finished all Harry Potter movies in three days, and continues with a movie called
The Little Vampire - a movie from 2000 which I've seen only once before, and I reckon that was between 5 and 7 years ago... It's about a little boy named Tony, who moves from San Diego, CA, USA, to Scotland, UK, with his parents, and while he's being bullied at school in the daytime he's making friends with vampires at night; Rudolph, a 9-year old who's been that for more than 300 years, and his family, to be specific. Together they face dangers such as vampire hunters and daylight in order to become human again - which can happen when a certain stone is used on a certain night when a certain comet passes behind the moon - an event that now happens for the first time in 300 years.

I found it rather amusing to watch this movie again, it was very humorous. And now I have a British voice sounding in my head, naturally, because of all the British movies I've been watching lately! Jeez, what's happening to the American in me? Haha. Ok, so, what was I saying... Oh yeah, the movie. It was fun to watch it, and I cannot deny that used to have just a teeny tiny crush on Rollo Weeks, the actor who plays Rudolph Sackville-Bagg in the movie. I tried googling him, but couldn't really find much that I didn't find when I tried the same six years ago... So I'm not really sure what he looks like now, but he sure made a cute lil vampire back in the days!

Have a trailer!

...or a full movie, if you prefer!


I believe I should go to bed... Gotta get up tomorrow, for the celebration of the fighter base that my town got at the voting earlier this week! ;)

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Julie i England

18.06.2012 kl.10:19

I'm not really up for science fiction, but i might actually want to see that film ;)

a teenager with thoughts ©

18.06.2012 kl.11:26

Julie i England: It's not really science fiction though. It's a kids' movie, and it's very funny sometimes :P

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