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Slooow morning. I listened to the radio for an hour from it turned on at 8am until it turned off again an hour later - that's how my alarm works... I ate breakfast while watching 7th Heaven and since 10.15 I've been sitting here on my  computer, drinking coffee and browsing for backgrounds and pictures... I found a new layout for my twitter, it looks like this:

www.twitter.com/iQuotesLyrics - follow me!

I'm also getting really tired of blogging as the Norwegian teenager... But I made a vow to stick to this blog until I turn 20 in September, and then I'll start a new one. I've already begun designing it, and I can't wait to start using it! Hint: It will not be on this platform.

I found a rather cute design I'd like for my new blog... But the code doesn't seem to work. I really liked this one, with the profile picture being the small image in the upper right-hand corner:

Now I'm off to see a dentist about a jaw... See ya!

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Janne, kommenterer tilbake

18.06.2012 kl.18:51

åhh, elsker 7th heaven :D

a teenager with thoughts ©

18.06.2012 kl.19:24

Janne, kommenterer tilbake: Brukte å se på det hele tiden etter skoletid, var bare helt tilfeldig at jeg kom over det for et par uker siden! :D

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a teenager with thoughts ©

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