Hunger of Various Kinds

Good evening!

Yesterday night was a really sucky one. I wanted something to eat, I was really hungry, and I couldn't for the sake of my life figure out what to eat. You see, I don't like bread. If I'm to eat bread it has to be toasted, and  when it's toasted it only tastes good with too much butter on it. Crisp bread is too difficult to eat because of my upper front teeth - I can't bite anything hard because the roots are too short and my teeth could fall out. I eat too much cereal and yoghurt and I'm tired of fruit.. And my vegetarian cook book only has dinner and desserts in it. 

So my dad helped me make oatmeal - not the box kind. So I had that for supper yesterday and for breakfast today. And crisp bread with cheese for lunch - cheese is the only thing I can eat on crisp bread. Mom and I went to the city this afternoon, so I had dinner at a diner; some fancy word for sandwich I don't remember. And I just finished a salad and a cup of tea for supper. With the work out I've been doing this past month and a half my body isn't getting the energy it needs. I'm hoping to feel much more energized these upcoming days.

Which leads me to the hunger case #2: for money. I went to a job interview in the city, that's why mom and I were there. We were 8 people sitting in the same room, the man talked about the business and the job first, and then we talked about ourselves. I don't know how well it went... I'll find out sometime next week!

And last but not least: There were sales in a bookstore... And I bought The Hunger Games! I've heard so much about how good it is, and then there's a movie out and I decided to see it soon because an acquaintance said it's the best film adaption she's ever seen. I made myself not read it on the costal express back home, because I have to finish The Choice first, and I know if this book gets exciting I won't be able to put it down and it'll only be that much harder to finish a boring book I'm already reading afterwards. So it appears I have some reading to do.



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