Must be Read: Bullying

How do we explain to our children and grandchildren what bullying is? Here's how a school teacher in New York taught her students:

She asked them to do the following: to take each their sheet of paper, crumple it up, stamp on it, and hit it once, but not to tear it apart. Then they were to unfold the paper, look and see how dirty it was, how it was filled with marks and scars. Then they had to apologize to the paper sheet.

Despite the chidlren apologizing and trying to straighten out the piece of paper, it still had folds in it. "These marks won't ever fade, no matter how much you try to remove them. This is what bullying does to another person," the teacher said. "Even when you apologize, the scars will never disappear." The faces of the children showed that the message had been received and interpreted in the wanted way.

Copy and spread this if you are against bullies and bullying!

♥ The Norwegian teenager 


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