The Girl on Fire and The Boy with the Bread

Don't you just hate it when you read a book and you have this perfect image of the characters in your head? Not because you imagine how the characters look, but because when you watch the movie your imaginations are completely ruined by the movie makers. I do. It happened with Bella and Edward when I read Twilight, and now it happened again with Katniss, Peeta, Rue, and a couple of the other characters too from The Hunger Games. Take Katniss, for starters: I imagined her body smaller, less curvy (although the actress too was slim and slender), but at the same time strong from all the hunting. I imagined her hair black, longer, and straight, and her face a little bit prettier - not that the actress wasn't beautiful, she is, just in a different way than I imagined. I imagined Peeta's face rounder, more oval, not so square, if you get what I mean; that his features would be milder, so to say. And I always thought it was another girl and boy who were the dark ones, because I thought Rue had pale skin and blonde hair, and the boy from District 11, too. 

You probably get that I just watched the movie. And it is an amazing movie, and I highly recommend it! Here are some pictures, taken from the official The Hunger Games movie Facebook fansite:

Have you read The Hunger Games?
Have you seen its movie?
Are you planning on doing either of the above, if you haven't already?

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24.06.2012 kl.23:47

Sooo true, hate that! :p


25.06.2012 kl.01:03

Ja det er forferdelig irriterende når det skjer. Har du lest og sett filmen "saras nøkkel"? Boka var sykt bra,men filmen var en stor skuffelse:(

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25.06.2012 kl.01:33

lindasfotoblogg: Har ikke lest boken, har filmen, men har ikke sett den enda. Må vel bare skaffe boken òg!


25.06.2012 kl.11:40

Ja da anbefaller jeg å lese den først:)

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