I know everything you said was right and I suppose everything is here forever till it goes...

So I was sitting here and looking through some old pictures... Mainly from my exchange year in America, starting with the language and culture camp at Norwich University in Northfolk, Vermont and all the wonderful people I met there, the wonderful times we had, the memories made... Well, those can't be photographed, but the memories come with the photos.... I was in the pretend high school class C5 at Madison East High School, we had four classes a day five days a week for two weeks, starting with homeroom, then English class, Life in America, Current Issues, and American History. My wonderful classmates were from among others Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Norway, Finland, and the Netherlands. Those were some wonderful times... And although I didn't realize it back then, I looked great, too!

Continuing with a couple of trips to a couple of places with more wonderful people, first to LA and San Diego in California; we went to Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Disneyland, San Diego's Old Town and a beach there, Santa Monica beach, Venice beach, Universal Studios... And even in the beach pictures I don't look too bad! I have to admit, this year before homecoming, I was at the skinniest I've ever been...

And then, in Lake Stevens... Homecoming, my host family, Halloween, trip to Leavenworth, Christmas, bowling with the other exchange students, Seattle with my bestie from Poland, the street I lived on and my way to school, where my friend lived...

Another trip, to Washington DC this time... Warm, sunny weather at around 70 degrees Farenheit, the faces and names of people I hardly remembered until now, and I cannot stop smiling... I remember we went to a holocaust museum - I don't have any photos of that, because cameras were not allowed, but I found a picture of a panda, and a friend and I went to see them after the museum because he hadn't known much about the holocaust before, and he got a little sad and we decided to cheer ourselves up with some happy pandas!

Not to mention graduation... June 9th, 2010, we were the SEN10RS of Lake Stevens!

Time just flies, I guess...

EF camp... All of the students!

When we got hand-written notes we got to keep them, but these we had to give back, so I took a picture. The classes got points for all of these, and in the end the class with the most points won something, but I don't remember what... Maybe it was the trip to Ben n Jerry's?

A park by a lake... I didn't photoshop this picture, it just turned out this green! Taken through the bus window...

Signs on a door to a shop in Leavenworth, WA

An upside-down tree in the Christmas shop in Leavenworth, WA

They had these for army, air force, and navy as well

No words needed

The first palm tree I ever got close to! In LA somewhere...

Beverly Hills

Yeahh, I was there... And they were filming right then!

Venice Beach...

Our pug, Sarafina Lola - normally just Sara, and the sweetes pup ever! ^^,

Right by my high school one winter morning... We didn't really have snow that year, it was too cold to snow!

Inside the EMP by the Space Needle in Seattle, in the gift shop, I found this sign!

The Space Needle

Some funny fountail in Seattle

Inside the EMP again

Raven, one of our cats - the one who loved helping with homework by laying down on the book you're trying to read...

Sara again

The boxer Deuce and the bearded dragon Iggy!

In Washington DC

One of the happy pandas!!

Iggy up close and personal

Cabby, the last of the pets... She was very shy, but came down on occasion when she knew it was safe. After one year I could almost pick her up to cuddle with!

Here are some pictures from my USA stay... Many of them were taken before I had a decent camera to take pictures with, and some before I even had my first photography class, so naturally many are awful... But I don't mind sharing them anyway, because I'm proud of having been an exchange student, and I'm proud of the young woman I became throughout my stay here. And I am proud to say: God Bless America.

I pledge allegianse 
To the flag of the United States of America
And to the republic for which it stands
One nation, under God, indivisible
With liberty and justice for all

The Norwegian Teenager

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