The Clothes You Wear on a Day Like Today

We all have those comfy clothes that we don't want people to see us in, but we absolutely cannot get rid of. I get that. Those old sweatpants... That long tanktop that actually stays down when you pull it down, and the loose shirt you put on to cover that it's a size too small... My sweats are grey with a Norwegian flag on it, the tanktop is white, and the t-shirt is blue and too wide and too short, but on days like this one, they're really all I want to wear.

This morning, my parents drove in to the city to spend the night there before flying to warmer regions tomorrow. I tried working out, but I found no energy or willpower to push through more than half an hour on the elliptical machine, hence I watched the rest of yesterday's episode of The Biggest Loser while sitting on the floor wrapped in a blanket.

After cleaning up and dressing, I baked a batch of cookies. I used my hostmom's recipe, but the cookies looked nothing like hers. It was tricky to get the measurements right, since we use the metric system and America doesn't. The cookie dough tasted good, but I made the cookies to large and placed them too close, so when they went in the oven they melted together and became completely flat. Nothing like host mom's at all. And my brother hasn't even looked twice at them, and I feel guilty when eating them because I know what's in them so I'm honestly considering bringing them to work and leaving them there.

So now I'm watching the last episodes of Desperate Housewives season eight, going to finish the series today, and then I believe next on my list is Army Wives, which I used to watch on TV but I never got to finish it. Just continuing the life I pretend that I have, and I'm going to have another cookie and a glass of milk for supper, maybe it'll fill the hole I feel like has been punched through my body...



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