Coffee, Mail, and Work Hours

Good afternoon! I know I know, most people say morning, but it's past noon, so it's afternoon ^^,

Yesterday I worked the late shift at the store, and I'm working the same shift again today. My grandpa will be here in a couple of hours to pick me up. The last couple of hours of my shift yesterday I was so tired I could barely keep my eyes open, but when I came home, got out of the uniform, and ate a bowl of cheerios I wasn't tired anymore! I began watching The Hunger Games again, but I turned it off after a while and went to bed with a book instead. So now I'm watching the rest of the movie!

And enjoying a cup of coffee... It's friday, isn't it? ^^, Gotta keep up the tradition!

Also got mail today! The keys for my new appartment along with the signed contract, and a bracelet I payed less than a dollar for on ebay. It should look familiar to some of you, I posted a picture of it earlier, and Boyfriend, if you're reading this, you should definitely recognize it! It's like yours, only with stars instead of the wave-like things you have... I couldn't for the sake of my life figure out how to open the lock though, so thank God it was wide enough for me to put it on without opening it... ^^,

And I have curly hair today! Yesterday I used my mother's old curl iron to curl the ends of my hair because I was so tired of it hanging flat down, and when I woke up today my hair was a mess, so I recurled it, and it's slightly more curled today... It feels really fluffy!

So I'm gonna watch the rest of my movie and eat some lunch before heading off to work again! Got any plans for today?


♥ The Norwegian Teenager


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