Summer Cocktail Recipe

Oh, ok, not really a cocktail, but this is something I thought of today and I really liked it when I tried! The images are googled, I just didn't feel like making a home studio just to photograph a glass today.... Right, so here's what you gotta do:

Cut an orange into slices, keeping the skin on. Cut the larger ones in half, until you can fit them in a big glass. Fill up the glass with fruit.

Top it off with ice tea, I used lemon ice tea. You can also use just water, if you're not up for the extra calories, I tried that too with dinner and it was good! I guess it can work with pretty much anything. Alcohol can be added if wanted, but that wasn't my intention, really, I just wanted something good to cool me down in the summer heat.

If you leave the glass with the oranges in the fridge after you're done, you can reuse them later on. Or eat them for dessert, like I did after dinner!

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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