Late at night, when all the world is sleeping...

Just a little late-at-night shout out from me over here, at my kitchen table... Well, ok, so what did I do with my day... I did not fold the laundry that I was going to do, so I guess that's next on my agenda... I did go for an almost two hours long bike ride, went through an entire playlist on my iPod, avoided getting hit by a car all thanks to my brakes working properly, the light reflecting vest I was wearing probably also helped the driver see me, plus I was wearing a helmet. Safety first, right?!I had left overs for dinner: Chapati, rice, and bell pepper, and that drink I blogged about earlier today. I talked with a friend who I am visiting in a few weeks; another friend of mine from this last school year invited me to go with her and a friend for a concert closer to winter when the nights are long and the cold sets in... I said I'd be more than happy to go and have something to look forward to when those lonely nights come strolling down my lane... And I had a little chat with a friend of mine since 4th grade, she's currently working at one of the Norwegian coast cruiseships, she will be gone all month, but we have to meet after that before I head off to university and she does... Whatever she's doing. She's working on becoming a receptionist, and she's finishing her practical years this summer.

I also spoke with my boyfriend a little, both yesterday and today. Those moments are always the happiest of my day.

Late at night
When all the world is sleeping
I stay up
And I think of you.
And I wish on a star
That, wherever you are

You're thinking of me, too

The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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