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I know what you might think, but no, I haven't stopped blogging, I've just been too busy to get there this week. Since I last blogged I've worked six shifts at the store, had one dentist appointment, visited my great-grandma, and spent way too much money on sheets and pillows and all that follows. I was supposed to work from noon to six today, but then my boss said someone called in sick so I have to take the late shift instead. But it's fine with me. I hope I don't have to work tomorrow though, I'd like to have some time off now, since my dad's been away all week and will be gone all of next week as well.

I thought I wouldn't get to work out until tonight, but since my shift changed I have some extra time now since I start working at 3, so I'm about to head town to the basement and finish thelastsession of the 30 Day Shred! Here's a video of that:

So, does it work? you may ask... I would say yes, but I think the results would have been better if I actually completed it in 30 days. I've been working on this since the beginning of May now, and on the first 10 days I only skipped two and for very good reasons - I completed the 10 workouts in 12 days. I spent a little more on the next 10 days, and even more on the last. I have been working a lot though, but also I got some knee troubles. They've probably been there the whole time, I just didn't know it because I haven't been working out like this since 10th grade. I do know that I've had results, because I could hardly walk the first days of the first workout, and I could feel it in my back as well... And at one point I was able to button my work pants without feeling like the button would pop out, but now I can't again. I blame it on snacking. It's not that I eat incredibly unhealthy meals, because I don't eat fast/junk food at all, I just have a sweet tooth. Chewing gum used to help, but now my jaw locks itself when I do so, and it makes it more difficult to stay away from candy. So it's really the sugar that's my problem. Not donuts and breakfast rolls, but candy. Ugh.

So my next move to conquer my bad habits:

I haven't read anything about this one, I haven't peaked to see what it's about... I think it's better to just throw myself into it!

So I'm off to finish the last day of the 30 that turned into 60! Then to work this evening...

Did I tell y'all that I got a new phone last week, by the way? Samsung Galaxy S2, arrived in the mail the day my parents came home from Greece! Love it! Except the battery capacity... But whatever! ^^,

Plans for today and the weekend?

♥ The Norwegian Teenager

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a teenager with thoughts

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