What to do?

I haven't been at work since Friday, and I'm not working until Saturday morning. I mean, seriously: What do people do with their free time? I've done all the chores my mom asked me to do, yesterday I even did chores she didn't ask me to do, all I haven't done is make dinner but I can't start that quite yet. I don't want to read another book because I know it can't measure up to the last book I read, I don't feel like watching a movie, I could like knit a blanket or something but I'll have plenty of time for that when The Biggest Loser comes on - the only TV show I watch in the daytime but it's not on in another hour. I'm going crazy here, would somebody tell me what to do?! I just climbed down from the roof, by the way. If Katniss Everdeen can spend the night sleeping in a tree I can sit five minutes back to back with the chimney.

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a teenager with thoughts

a teenager with thoughts

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