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I haven't cut my hair since March now, that's four months ago, and in that time my hair has grown down to my shoulder, my bangs are far too long, and frankly I do not look good with long hair. It's not too bad yet, but my host mom in America would freak out if she saw it get any longer, haha. So I've been thinking about what to do with it... I'm going to colour it mocha chocolate (which turns out pretty dark on my hair) again before school starts in two and a half week, but I don't know if I'm going to cut it. I mean, what if it turns out a disaster? I've had bad hair before, but then it was around people who already knew me. Maybe I better just wait a little longer... It's not like I have split ends and hideously dry hair yet or anything.

So I wanted to show you an idea. I've had hair almost like this before, this short in the neck anyways. So have a look at manga character Nana Osaki!

I love love love the song playing when I open >>this<< window - but how can I get it, other than by recording it with my phone (which turned out pretty bad)? I tried the audiotag website and it came up with nothing. Anyone have any idea?

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